Healthy Parrot: Diet, Nutrition, Toxic Foods

Contrary to popular belief, parrots should not be fed seed. Their diet should consist of a combination of pellets and whole, fresh foods. Pellets for parrots The current recommendation by board-certified avian veterinarians who study avian nutrition is that pellets should make up 50-70 percent of a parrot’s diet. The best pellets to feed your […]

Common Fun Facts About Parrots

After dogs, cats and fish, birds are America’s fourth favorite pet. An estimated 14 million birds live in captivity across the United States, a great many of them parrots. And no wonder: With their captivating colors, acrobatic antics and often silly personalities, these avian characters are hard to resist. Pet parrots can be incredible if […]

How to Raise Parrots for Profit

Raising parrots can be both challenging and rewarding. Making a profit from breeding birds takes time, and some species only breed one time each year. Adequate housing, good nutrition and maintaining a sanitary environment are crucial to success, as avian diseases can spread rapidly through an aviary that is not properly cared for. Breeding Stock […]

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