Are  you are interested in one of our beautiful parrots and yet you live too far from our farm?  we can make the arrangements for you to have your parrot on a next or same day delivery. The parrot will be shipped to your local address at your most convinient time. Ensure that your delivery address is correct when placing your order.

General airline Requirements1. The bird must be at least 18 weeks 5 days old.2. Must be accompanied with a veterinarian Health/Acclimation Certificate3. Some airlines have restrictions for temperature and will check destination and arrival flight temperature forecasts.48 HOUR DELIVERY IN USA & CANADA

International Customers contact us for a quote

If you decide to have a bird shipped to you, we will need the following information:

1. Your full name, that you have I.D. for, you will need to show this at the airport cargo desk when you pick up your bird

2. The full name of someone else who also has I.D., as a “back up’ person for pickup so they can pick up your bird, if, in case of an emergency you are unable.

3. Your physical address, it cannot be a post office box

4. Phone numbers that you can easily be reached at, preferably at least two numbers.

5. The name of the COUNTY that you live in

6. The name of the airport that you prefer your bird to arrive at, and the name of an optional airport

7. What parrot breed you are interested in.

8. Two different airports closer to you

Safe and Comfortable Shipping process

Birds aren’t vases or art supplies, so when you hear that he or she can be shipped to you, your first reaction is probably shock. Before you panic, get that picture of cardboard boxes and foam peanuts out of your mind! Shipping Birds is usually quite safe and any airlines or trucking companies that take live animals have procedures in place to be sure they arrive in good health.

Shipping price will depend on your location. also a small charge for home delivery will apply if you need one.

Return Policy

If you have any issues upon arrival or pick up send us an email or call us to notify us. as we offer 45 days money guarantee back.

Playing with your new pet parrot, or talking to them, may help relax the mind, and reduce stress. Stress is the main cause of missed work and too many people suffer from a bit too much stress. Some species of parrots like to talk and play and are well-known to be very interactive with humans.
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